Wet Babies

Wet babies may be the only ones who appreciate change and even that can be controversial; however, organizational development and growth demands modifications.   The task is to estimate or predict the need for and the impact of the change.  If you are a start-up, then probably every  element  of your organization will go through some modification during a development spurt.  If you are a more established company that already has various departments, the changes may not impact all the   different divisions simultaneously but they will probably all be affected eventually.

One of the most essential items for the owner(s) to consider when growth is coming or occurring is to figure out the best and maximum  value of their time and talents.  In the start-up stage, many entrepreneurs execute a variety of job obligations from development to promotion, from bookkeeping to control, and even clearing the junk.  As an organization develops, the job divisions need to include the best possible use of your own abilities, existing staff or your potential workers.  Entrepreneurs need to choose if they want to work “in” the organization or “on” the organization.    Maybe you want to continue creating the product or service (working in the business) and choose to hire administrative or management assistance.  Or you can seek the services of someone to make the widgits while you concentrate “on” the organization. This is a big distinction and answering this question first will help you determine later decisions.

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