The ABCs of Development – It’s About Building Capacity

The ABCs of DevelopmentHave you ever wondered why some small towns thrive while their larger neighbors struggle?

This book is about that mysterious element – capacity, that is required for successful development. With easy to use suggestions, sample forms, and highlights about communities who are doing it right, this book will be invaluable to the community volunteer or new staff person trying to understand how to make a difference.

The ABCs of Development is available in a soft cover or as an e-book.  Click on the button below for ordering information from Author House Publishing.

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“Linda Fettig’s book, The ABCs of Development, has been an invaluable resource to me as a new economic developer. I have two books, one that is signed by the author, and one that I have highlighted, tabbed, and use constantly. Linda’s capacity model works!”

Willow Holoubek
Economic Development Director
Butler County Development

I have yet to see a book which covers the fundamentals of Economic development in so clear a fashion as this one. It should be required reading for board members overseeing economic development programs and provides an excellent review for development veterans as well as volunteers. We would be blessed if all books on economic development were as understandable and useful as this one!

Stu Miller
Deputy Director, Retired
Nebraska Department of Economic Development

In 109 pages of pretty big print, Fettig gives development beginners and leaders a snapshot of what development and capacity have in common. The book offers short, simple definitions that can be remembered as well acronyms that are spelled out, avoiding alphabet soup confusion. This book would be an excellent addition to your board orientation packet.

Corrinne Pederson
Manager of Member Development
NMPP Energy

The ABCs of Development is available in a soft cover or as an e-book.  Click on the button above for ordering information directly from

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