Wet Babies

Wet babies may be the only ones who appreciate change and even that can be controversial; however, organizational development and growth demands modifications.   The task is to estimate or predict the need for and the impact of the change.  If you are a start-up, then probably every  element  of your organization will go through some […]

Can I fill the order?

Being able (or unable) to fill an order can signal success or failure for a small or growing company. Supply and distribution systems are impacted directly in proportion to your company growth. All companies need to keep a constant eye on the supply and distribution chain before they accept large orders but this may be […]

Organization Charts

All companies have human resource needs. A growing company will have expanded human resources needs and needs to take a moment to analyze them as it begins to add staff. The first step – before you hire anyone – in dealing with human resource needs is to prepare an organizational chart. Your chart should be […]

Risk Tolerance

Risk tolerance is a good indicator of your comfort with company growth and its accompanying challenges. There is always an element of risk in every business decision and evaluating the risk, rewards, and preferences is one of the management tasks. As a risk taker, you may feel more comfortable with taking that giant leap, while […]


There are many categories of entrepreneurs and sometimes it seems like new terms are coined at regular intervals as we struggle to differentiate the wide variety of businesses that come under the umbrella of entrepreneurship.. Solopreneurs are those who own and operate their business without any additional staffing or partners. This category often includes artists […]

Working “on” or “in”

The owner of a small but growing business has many challenges. Some of them are pleasant as the growth of the company may allow the owner to realize goals. Other challenges, however, can become problematic as the growth forces realignments and changes in corporate structure, operating policies and every management tasks. How do you find […]

Who Are You?

When you begin a company (or buy one), you have to decide who you are. Chances are that you have been the leader or at least part of a very small group of management personnel functioning in a leadership capacity. As the company grows, you will have to redefine your role (probably several times along […]

No zucchini

As I looked around the garden this morning, I realized that the growing season has really been impacted by events we could not predict. Even though my husband prepared the soil, planted quality seeds and starts, and tended the garden faithfully; due to the extremely hot and dry summer we had we still don’t have […]

Rule of Thumb resources

While there are several books in the Rule of Thumb series dealing specifically with business finances, including A Guide to Financing Your Small Business and A Guide to Small Business Finances, any consideration of business growth has to encompass at least some discussion on financing options such as mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and franchising. Franchising […]