Can I fill the order?

Being able (or unable) to fill an order can signal success or failure for a small or growing company. Supply and distribution systems are impacted directly in proportion to your company growth. All companies need to keep a constant eye on the supply and distribution chain before they accept large orders but this may be especially true for the small and start-up companies as they may not have the inventory (supply) or delivery system to handle the new volume. Here are some points to consider when your business has increased volume anticipated:

  •  Will your current suppliers be able to handle the increased orders?
  •  If not, do you have time to locate additional supplies?
  •  Does your current supplier have all the needed materials if you have changed your product?
  •  Will you need to build new supply relationships?
  •  Is your current distribution channel adequate for the new volume?
  •  Can they meet your anticipated delivery schedule?
  •  Does your growth include exporting? If so, are you current on the regulations and documentation needed?

These and other considerations are vital to maintaining your company’s growth and existing quality reputation. A breakdown in any part of the supply and distribution chain can have a serious and long-term impact on your business. You may need to consider declining a large order or finding a way to outsource part of the prodution to ensure your company’s integrity.

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