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No zucchini

As I looked around the garden this morning, I realized that the growing season has really been impacted by events we could not predict. Even though my husband prepared the soil, planted quality seeds and starts, and tended the garden faithfully; due to the extremely hot and dry summer we had we still don’t have […]

To Franchise (or not)

The franchising opportunity does not come without challenges. While your basic business may or may not be heavily regulated, franchises have intense legal requirements and thus are suggested as appropriate as a long-term growth option. Here are management questions that need to be carefully analyzed before committing to a franchise program: • What legal fees […]

Organize and grow

As the company grows, it becomes important to have a good organizational chart so the growth is incorporated in a structured way. The first step is to design your chart by job responsibilities or duties, not employee titles. This allows you to view the responsibilities needed now, which can be delayed to a later growth […]